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Beavers usually meet on Monday evenings, from 6.00pm until 7.15pm. We start and end each meeting with a short parade, and we salute the flag. A typical evening always involves lots of fun, a bit of learning, and a bit of challenge. As leaders we work hard to plan and deliver a varied programme that covers the 6 key Beaver Challenge Awards. 

Beavers are invited to join us from the age of 6 and typically stay with us for 2 years before 'swimming up' to Cubs around the age of 8. The Beavers are organised into one of four lodges, where an older Beavers acts as the lodge leader.

Becoming a Beavers is the first stage of Scouting, and can be a daunting thing for a young person. Our experienced leaders work hard to ensure every child feels welcome in the colony.


Everything you need to know about being invested

Being a Beaver

Visit Scouts UK to learn more about being a Beaver

Badges and Awards

Everything you need to know about badges and awards

Parents Guide

What to expect as a parent

Camp Blankets

Sew your special badges onto a blanket ready for camp. Also good for old badges once you move up.

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